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Here are questions asked by our customers, and the answers we came up with. Please send in your own question : we reply right away.

Do you have a program that prints the check itself.  Have a lot of paper that one prints the information on the check.  like name,address, bank number etc.  on the check not the payee and amount of money.


Yes, you can do that with Check Print'R and Check Writer III. Just click "Blank Checks" in the toolbar. Make sure to tick "no lines".

Hello, I am using your Check Writer software, and thank you for an easy to use software! One question: Is there any way to move up the routing and bank account number line? Simply because, various checks are slightly different in size or shape, and when I print with the checks that I have, this line with the bank routing and account numbers is almost at the edge of the check and machines unable to recognize (read) the numbers and bank advised to move the link up little bit, any suggestion?
Myriam R.

Just hold the Ctrl key on a PC or Option on a Mac, and drag the numbers with the mouse. Once they are where you need them, they will stay there between launches.

One question that occurs to me is… If i choose to purchase preprinted check blanks so that I don’t have to have an micr compliant printer/ink, can the characters that normally surround the routing numbers and account number be omitted in your software.
Stefan G.

Yes, you can perfectly leave the routing number and account number empty if you use preprinted checks. Then they won't print. You can also right click on them and select "Don't Print". They will turn blue and won't show on paper.

I have CheckWriter and am trying to set it up with my pre printed checks.  I have been using the Quickbooks program but changed from Microsoft to Apple.  I would like to use up the checks I have.  The problem is when I print a blank check there are certain things that print.  The date, mine is found below the check number;  the  amount of dollars to pay, my checks print the "$" about one half inch to the right.  Is there any way to move these items on your format?
George D.

You can move the date and amount, as well as $. Hold Ctrl on PC or Option on Mac and drag them with the mouse

Can your software be configured to print checks using check blanks as I receive them from my bank and only fill out the date, payee, amount, written amount, and memo.
Keith B.

Check Writer certainly can let you print only date, payee, amount, written amount, and memo.

When the app is displayed, right click on the elements you do not want to print, and select "Do not print" in the small menu that appears. These elements will then be ignored upon printing.

To precisely position each field at the place it has on the printing checks, hold control and drag them into place. You may need some experimentation. Once the modifications are done, they will be recorded, an you will find them next time you launch the app.

Hello, Im bring to buy your software. What is the difference between check printer and check writer?
Chad R.

Check Print'R only prints checks, Check Writer III prints checks, as well as the accompanying letter, merging elements of the check to compose automatically the content. In tem of pure check printing, the apps are identical.

I want to add information to the stub when printing in Personal format. I need to put some payroll data there. How do I do that ?
Rick H.

Just enter the text in the box, under the For: field of the stub. It will print on the check stub, and be saved with check data. Note that this field appears only on Personal checks, not on standard checks.

I want to print my own check stock to use with Quicken.
Bill D.

Simply suppress printing for date and amount, as well if necessary as Payee and letter amount, then use the Print Blank Checks feature. You may need to experiment a bit to make sure elements are at the same place as where Quicken expects them, by moving them with Ctrl-drag (Option-drag on Mac). Then use the printed paper as you would Quicken pre-printed checks.

By default, Check Print'R+ and Check Writer III+ use the same layout as Quicken and QuickBooks check paper.

When printing blank checks, you can print without the lines, to prepare check paper for Quicken/QuickBooks.

I printed deposit slips, but they were rejected by my bank. Why ?
Tom W.

The numbers at the bottom of checks or deposit slips use the MICR standard, which stands for "Magnetic Ink Character Recognition". In theory, the characters should be printed with magnetic ink.

For checks, banks today often use optical character recognition, so printing with ordinary ink is often OK.

However, at the desk, deposit readers often still use magnetic readers, which of course cannot see ordinary ink.

If you regularly print checks and deposit slips, we recommend you load your printer with MICR toner. Type the name of your printer, followed by "MICR toner" on the web, you should see a lot of results if available.

Entry level inkjet printers may not have the possibility to load MICR toner. In that case, you may want to get a cheap laser printer (they are available for less than $100), and load it with MICR toner.

The box at the top of the check (I think the number are called Bank Transfer code) the print is so small it is not legible without a magnifying glass.
Paul P.

ere is how you change the font size, or the font:

1. Double click on the bank number field

2. When the bank number editor is showing, right click on it.

3. You will have the choice between changing the font size, or the font.

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