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Check Writer Plus

Version 1.09 for iOS

Check Writer+ is an easy to use program that lets you write and print checks and their cover letter directly from your iPhone or iPad. Simply enter the name of the payee (made order to), the numeric amount, and voila! The word amount is automatically generated. No need to write out complicated sentences. Thanks to the merge feature, what is entered in the check will show in the letter.

Check Printer

The check is printed with at the bottom special MICR characters which will be used by banks for processing. So now your printed check can be used the same way as a pre printed check.

Transactions are recorded the same way you would with a physical checkbook, in a Register which keeps a record of all checks, and calculate your balance automatically. Like a real records booklet, you will also be able to enter deposits and other transactions from your statement, such as direct deposits, ATM withdrawal, debit cards and other items, to keep current. You will also be able to reconcile transactions with your statements, to constantly have at hand your current balance.

Check Printer

Most interaction with the program is done right on the opening view, pretty much the same way you would proceed with a paper checkbook.


Check Writer+ offers a text editor with styles and fonts, as well as logo and signature, to write the cover letter which will be printed on the same page as the check. The merge feature enables the text to use the same information as the check.

Check Printer


Any check can be displayed again, to view or print, with the tape recorder style commands, at the bottom left corner of the view.

Printing blank checks Printer

Print as many blank checks as you want, to use them later like you would normal bank checks.

Personal Checks

Tick the "Personal" box at the upper right corner of the view to display the Personal "Wallet" style check layout.

Adding your signature

You can easily have Check Writer III sign your checks automatically. As you can see above, it appears in the lower right corner of the check, and will be printed automatically.

Customizing the layout

Every element of the check can be moved very precisely in millimeters, referring to the position on the check. The screen will then try to emulate what the check will look like on paper.

If you use pre-printed checks such as QuickBook or Quicken checks that already have mentions such as "Pay to" of "$" or the number, you can suppress their printing by ticking "Don't print". The element will turn blue and will not be printed.


You can very precisely set top and left margin, as well as the height of checks, to accommodate different kind of pre printed forms.

The register

Every time you write a new check, the transaction is recorded in the Register, where just like a paper records booklet, everything is written. Your balance is also calculated automatically. The first time you run the program, it contains only one line : Beginning balance. Use your last statement or online access to set that value in the Balance column. Afterwards, the program will use that value as reference to calculate the new balance.

Use the register exactly as you would a records book. Columns are marked the same way, and rows are easy to follow, thanks to the color background lines.

You can print the register in spreadsheet style. Tape recorder style commands let you go to the beginning or the end, and can scroll with your finger, up and down. The register can be searched freely on any portion: date, number, order, memo, amount, and even the check mark used to reconcile.

Multi Accounts

You can manage as many accounts as you want and switch instantly.


Checks can be printed on ordinary paper, but also on any standard VersaCheck 3000 (Business size) and VersaCheck 3001 (Personal "Wallet"). Such paper stock can be found at fine office supply store such as Office Depot or Staplers in three per page, or voucher format (easier to use), where the check is at top, middle or bottom position.

The app also supports printing 3 checks at the same time on paper with 3 checks per page (Business or Personal).

Pre-printed check stock usually comes with special security features such as anti-copy, anti-scan and even holographic protection.

As default, Check Print'R supports VersaCheck #1000, 1001,1002, 3000, and Personal Wallet Size #3001, but all forms can be used.

Check stock for QuickBooks and Quicken can also be used.

The application supports WiFi printers, as well as Google Print.

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